We are now OPEN for orders for ornamental trees, super dwarf apples and fruit tree rootstock varieties. Our dispatch period will be in June and August 2018.  The 2018 catalogue will be limited in range.  Trees that are available will have price details next to each variety.  If we no longer propagate the variety you will still be able to see the information about the plant but instead of the price you will see 'Not available for sale-Information purposes only'.

   We are a small nursery and all our trees are propagated onsite. We are not a reseller. As the demand for rare deciduous trees increases, be sure to order early as demand exceeds supply. Our trees are cold hardy and are not grown in containers. They are grown outside to be ready for real life when planted in your yard. They are not oversized or pot bound. When smaller trees are planted they will adapt better to their new environment and grow faster than so called ‘advanced’ trees.

   With each plant description we have provided an approximate size at 20 years. Growth speed can vary greatly depending on soil type and nutrition, water supply and position.


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