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Malus 'Echtermeyer’ - Weeping Apple


A small, weeping ornamental Crabapple, with profuse pink blossom in Spring. 


New foliage is purple, turning dark green-purple in Summer.


Small red Crabapples are produced after flowering.


Crabapples are gorgeous, small deciduous trees that can be used in any garden design, and have a particular impact in cottage style gardens. 


Tree Size:

Available as a standard graft at either, 1.2 m, 1.5 m or 1.8 m in height.

Will grow approximately 1 m above the graft, and approximately 3 - 4 m wide.


Position and Care:


Grow in full sun to part shade. Will grow well on most soils, but prefers a deep, moist, loamy soil.


Pruning requirements are minimal.


Crabapples are small trees that are hardy once established.


Crabapples are self-fertile.

Echtermeyer - Weeping Crabapple


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