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Mazzard F12/1 Cherry Rootstock 

Mazzard is vigorous, reaching 100% of seedling tree size


Mazzard F12/1 is a vigorous rootstock that is hardy and is the oldest known cherry rootstock.

Suitable for fruit and ornamental use, Mazzard F12/1 is compatible with all eating cherry varieties.


Mature tree size is large and the fruit yields are moderate. It can take up to 7 years for trees on Mazzard F12/1 roots to bear fruit.


Mazzard F12/1 does best in a sandy loam, but will perform well in poorer soils. Heavier soils can be tolerated, as long as they are well draining. 


In the past Mazzard has been the preferred rootstock for ornamentals.


Mature tree height: 6 meters +


Soil: Prefers a sandy loam, will not tolerate water logging


Precocity: Late


Support required: No


Disease information: Some resistance to bacterial canker


Only available in Grafting Grade size - These are ready to graft this winter, and can be grown on for Summer budding



Mazzard F12/1 Cherry Rootstock - Vigorous


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