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Fruit ripening time: January - February

One of the richest flavours found in an early apple variety. Sweet and juicy, with a slight acidity, with a hint of strawberry and cinnamon. 


A medium sized apple. Light green skin with a crimson blush that almost entirely covers the apple. The flesh is white and crisp when ripe but tends towards being soft after their peak.


A cross between the famed Worcester Pearmain and McIntosh.


Uses: Good fresh eating. Suitable for cooking and juicing.

Tydeman’s Early Worcester has a short storage time, even with refrigeration, and is best enjoyed for fresh eating shortly after picking.


Tree Size: 

Dwarf: Can be kept to 1.5 meters and grown in containers


Semi-dwarf: 3 - 5 meters tall, depending on shape 


Pollinators: Akané, Belle Cacheuse, Braeburn, Bonza, Cleopatra, Cornish Aromatic, Cox’s Orange Pippin, Cripps Pink, Democrat, Fuji, Freyberg, Gala, Geeveston Fanny, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Jonathan, Kingston Black, Lady in the Snow, Laxton’s Fortune, Prince Alfred, Red Delicious, Sturmer, Yarlington Mill, and white flowering Crabapples.


Flowering Group 3


Tydeman’s Early Worcester


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