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The Spring blossoms are out, marking the end of the bare rooted season.


Now Closed for Rootstock and Bare Rooted Tree Sales

We will open again early March 2024

Thank you to all our customers for your wonderful support this year - we wish you all the best, and hope your trees grow beautifully - Kind regards, Kristina and Jordan

Deciduous Rootstock and Tree Specialists

Maple Grove Nursery specialises in growing rootstock, so you can graft and grow your own trees at home

We currently stock Apple, Cherry, Pear, Quince and Multi-Prunus rootstock


We also graft and grow fruiting and ornamental trees, ready for your garden​

​ Trees can be purchased as either one-year or two-year old trees,

and can be grown to order. We also offer a custom grafting service

For more information please visit the FAQ page.


Ordering opens in March each year

Rootstock and Trees are sold bare rooted and posted across Australia (excluding WA) during the Winter dormant period, from July to September

​ For any questions, or for commercial orders, please contact us on


Deciduous Rootstock and Tree Specialists

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