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Crabapples are gorgeous, small deciduous trees that can be used in any garden design, and have a particular impact in cottage style gardens. They are hardy trees once established.

Some Crabapples produce small, tart fruit that is superb for making Crabapple Jelly

While red flowering Crabapples are predominantly grown for their ornamental value,
the white flowered Crabapples are also excellent pollinators for eating apples.

Trees are sold bare rooted during the Winter dormant period,
please see our FAQ page for more information.

For enquiries and custom grafts, please email

Crabapple Jelly is in a World of its own when it comes to flavour!

My personal favourite is the jelly made from Golden Hornet, but each Crab offers its own unique flavour and colour that is worth trying - yum!


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