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Multi-prunus Rootstock

Multi-prunus rootstock are highly versatile.
St Julian is a multi-prunus rootstock, suitable for grafting certain varieties of Peaches, Nectarines, Apricots, Plums, Gages, Damsons, and Almonds. Whereas Myrobalan is suitable for all plums and some apricots.

Grafting stone fruit is not straight forward, and not all rootstock are compatible with all varieties.

The scion variety you graft onto a multi-prunus rootstock will also have a large influence on the vigour and mature height of your tree. For example, St Julian is more dwarfing for peach or nectarine, and less dwarfing for plum.

Multi-prunus rootstock are not suitable for grafting Cherry varieties, even though they are a stone fruit -
a cherry
variety can only be grafted onto a cherry rootstock.



Multi-Prunus Rootstock Size Chart
The mature size of St Julian A rootstock, compared to a full-size Myrobalan height.

The Minimum Order for Rootstock is a Quantity of 10 per Variety
Rootstock prices are listed as single units - for more information
please read our FAQ section 

For large orders and enquiries, please email

Maple Grove Nursery

Deciduous Rootstock Specialists

Please note: all percentages for mature tree size are given as a guide only and the eventual size of your grafted tree will be influenced by a number of factors, including the soil type and fertility, local climate conditions and the vigour of the scion wood cultivar.


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