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Ordering and Shipping


We open for orders in March each year.

Please check your postal details are correct when placing your order.

We will email you when your order is ready for dispatch to ensure you receive your package at a convenient time.

We sell rootstock in bundles of 10 per variety as a minimum order. Our rootstock are not sold individually.

We are happy to make up bundles for a different amount (ie 25 rootstock) and we encourage any enquiries. Please email and we will be happy to help.


We accept payment by credit Card and Direct Deposit. 

Orders paid by direct deposit will be sent an invoice, and payment is due on receipt.


Orders that have not been paid within 7 days will be cancelled to ensure stock is available to other customers. 

Large Orders

A discount applies for rootstock orders of 200+ (for one rootstock variety).

This discount isn't available on the web page. For sales enquiries, please email

Large orders will receive a confirmation invoice, which confirms your request for rootstock. This is not a guarantee of supply and is subject to rootstock counts at harvest time (July).

A deposit of 25% will be required to reserve stock, with the balance payable before delivery. 



Rootstock and trees are harvested during the Winter dormant months, and shipped bare rooted. We only ship rootstock and trees while they are dormant, which is from 1st of July to 1st of September, unless sold out earlier. We cannot post rootstock or trees outside of this timeframe.

We ship our rootstock using Australia Post Express Postal Service. Packages will be posted on a Monday/Tuesday each week.


Please indicate if you would like to add parcel insurance to the cost of your postage.

If you are not home, we give authority to leave the parcel at the door. In more rural parts of Australia, your parcel may be kept at your closest post office.

We reserve the right to refund rootstock/trees that we cannot supply. Please see our disclaimer section for more information.

Shipping Rootstock

All rootstock will have their tops cut, to a total length of 450 mm including the root section. If you do not wish to have the tops cut, please indicate this when placing your order.

Small orders are bundled with damp newspaper, and wrapped in recycled plastic. Shipping costs are calculated based on the average weight of rootstock bundles.

The minimum shipping fee is $28, and includes packing costs and express postage. 

Large orders (200+) are posted in a cardboard box. Rootstock are packed with damp newspaper and sealed in a plastic bag. The minimum shipping fee for large orders is $140 which includes packing costs and express postage. 

Shipping Trees

Australia Post limits the size of all parcels to 1 meter. ALL our trees will have their tops cut to 1 meter in height before postage. This will not harm your tree and will encourage good growth.

Shipping costs are calculated based on the average weight of a bare rooted tree.

One year-old trees will be smaller, lighter and have less side branching than two-year old trees and shipping costs will be lower.


We are unable to post ‘standard’ trees, which have been grafted above 1 meter in height due to postage restrictions.

Any tree can be grafted low and trained to a standard height, and we are happy to custom graft any weeping tree for this purpose. For custom grafts please email


Shipping Scion wood and Interstems

Scion wood and interstems are sealed in a zip lock/HDPE bag with a printed wrap-around plastic plant label. Scions are collected while dormant (June) and are kept refrigerated prior to shipping. Please keep your scion in the refrigerator until you are ready to graft to keep the scion dormant.


Scion wood is only sold in conjunction with a rootstock order and is not sold separately.

Customers purchasing scion wood without a rootstock order will be contacted by email to request you add a rootstock purchase to your order.


We reserve the right to cancel orders of scion wood without refund if rootstock have not been purchased. 

Large Orders
Shipping Rootstock
Shipping Trees
Shipping Scion Wood

Deciduous Rootstock and Tree Specialists

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