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Scion Wood and Interstems


Grafting Scion Wood 

Maple Grove Nursery grow some of the best deciduous fruiting varieties for a home garden and orchard. We sell cuts of the dormant stems, which are known as scion wood or grafting wood, so that you can graft these onto a rootstock and grow your own fruit trees.


Scion wood (also known as Grafting Wood) is one-year-old growth taken from a parent tree, and is suitable for winter grafting while the scion is still dormant. You can graft straight away while the rootstock is dormant, or you can allow the rootstock to break dormancy, but it is important that the scion is still dormant.


Scion wood is approximately 20 cm in length, which can allow for 2-3 grafts from each length (depending on the number of buds grafted and the space between buds).

When a scion is grafted onto a rootstock, the resulting fruit and flower will be true to the parent tree variety (the scion), but will also have the benefits of the rootstock, such as dwarfing and precociousness.

It is important to match the size of your scion wood to the rootstock.

In an ideal situation the scion will perfectly match up with the size of the rootstock and the cambium will be in contact on all sides. This is not always achievable, and it is perfectly fine if the scion wood is smaller than the rootstock. It is important to match the cambium layer along the bottom of the graft and at least one side of the graft. If the scion wood is larger than your rootstock, your graft will not be successful. 


We sell scion wood to suit Grafting Grade rootstock, which means the scion will either match the rootstock, or be slightly smaller. In some cases, the scion wood will taper off and become quite thin at the top, this will be a consistent characteristic of the scion variety and is not something we have control over.

Scion Storage

We collect scion cuts early in the winter dormant period, and store them in the cooler. When you receive your scion wood, please keep it in a sealed plastic bag in the fridge to maintain dormancy, until you are ready to graft.

Scions can be grafted onto the rootstock straight away while both the rootstock and scion are dormant. If you prefer, you can graft when the rootstock is beginning to break dormancy, but it is important that the scion is still dormant.

Shipping Scion Wood and Interstems

Scion wood and interstems are sealed in a zip lock/HDPE bag with a printed wrap-around plastic plant label. Scions are collected while dormant and are kept refrigerated prior to shipping. Please keep your scion in the refrigerator until you are ready to graft, to keep the scion dormant.


Scion Wood/Grafting Wood Purchases


We reserve the right to cancel orders of scion wood without refund if rootstock have not been purchased. 

Scion wood is only sold in conjunction with rootstock orders and is not sold separately. And some varieties have limited availability.

Unfortunately, we do not produce enough scion wood to sell it separately at the current price.

If you have ordered scion wood and not ordered rootstock, we will contact you by email to request a rootstock purchase. Failure to purchase rootstock will result in a cancellation of your order without refund.

Scion Storage
Shipping Scion Wood
Grafting Scion Wood
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