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Quince Rootstock

Quince rootstock can be used to graft all cultivars of quince, with no compatibility issues. The resulting trees will fruit earlier, yield better and be easier to manage than quince grown on its own roots (propagated by cuttings or grafted onto seedling stock).

Quince rootstock can also be used for grafting pear varieties. For more information see Pear Rootstock. 

Quince are small to medium sized trees, with pretty foliage and beautiful flowers. The fragrant, astringent fruit is useful in baking, and complements apple very well. It is also used for Quince Paste, jams and jellies.

Quince are well worth a space in your garden.



Quince Rootstock Size Chart 
The mature size of each Quince rootstock, compared to a full-size seedling pear height.

The Minimum Order for Rootstock is a Quantity of 10 per Variety
Rootstock prices are listed as single units - for more information
please read our FAQ section 

For large orders and enquiries, please email

Please note: all percentages for mature tree size are given as a guide only and the eventual size of your grafted tree will be influenced by a number of factors, including the soil type and fertility, local climate conditions and the vigour of the scion wood cultivar.


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