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Quince A Rootstock

Quince A is semi-dwarfing, reaching 50% of seedling tree size


A semi-dwarfing rootstock for Pears and Quince, producing heavy crops with larger fruit. 


Quince A does not like drought conditions, and irrigation is important in dry periods.


Adapts well to most soils, but heavy, moist soils are preferred to light, shallow soils. Quince A will do best in well drained soils; however, established trees can withstand wet conditions. Quince A does not like high pH or chalky soils (prefers slightly acidic soils).


Quince A is incompatible with some pear varieties, requiring the use of an interstem (a compatible stem piece) between the scion variety and the Quince rootstock.

Will tend to sucker when grafted with pear.


Mature tree height: 3 - 4 meters


Soil: Most soils, except for high pH (chalky or alkaline) soils.


Precocity: Medium


Support required: No


Available in two sizes:

Grafting Grade - ready to graft this winter

Liner Grade - to plant out and grow on for budding in summer, or grafting the following winter

Quince A Rootstock – Semi-dwarfing


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