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Graft Your Own

Grafting your own trees is a cost effective and enjoyable way to grow your own fruit trees and ornamental varieties. You can grow trees to suit the garden size you have available, as well as tailor your tree to suit your soil type and climate.

For a productive home orchard, you can graft onto dwarfing rootstock, and doing this has many advantages. The compact size will make it easier to pick fruit, prune trees, and protect your tree from birds and pests. And dwarf trees will yield more fruit!

The more dwarfing the rootstock, the more precocious your tree will be, meaning the tree will bear fruit earlier, compared to a tree grown on a more vigorous stock. In a small garden space, you can espalier trees, grow a compact wall of fruit, or graft a fruit salad tree, with multiple varieties that will ripen at different times and give an extended fruiting season. You can achieve 6 months of fresh fruit in just a small garden space.

Bear in mind that some dwarfing rootstocks have limited anchorage and will need some kind of support, either through a trellis or staking.

The Minimum Order for Rootstock is a

Quantity of 10


Deciduous Rootstock and Tree Specialists

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