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Quince C Rootstock

Quince C is a dwarfing rootstock, reaching 40% of seedling tree size


Quince C is a dwarfing rootstock for Pear and Quince, which is popular due to its excellent cropping yields, bearing heavy crops of the scion variety. Quince C has the highest yield efficiencies of the Quince rootstock and is also very adaptable, will grow in a wide range of conditions and is very disease resistant.


Quince C is incompatible with most pear varieties, requiring the use of an interstem (a compatible stem piece) between the scion variety and the Quince understock.


Mature tree height: 2-3 meters


Soil: Adapts well to most soils, but heavy, moist soils are preferred to light, shallow soils. Quince will do best in well drained soils; however, established trees can withstand wet conditions. Quince do not like high pH soils (prefer slightly acidic)


Precocity: Very Early


Support required: No


Available in two sizes:

Grafting Grade - ready to graft this winter

Liner Grade - to plant out and grow on for budding in summer, or grafting the following winter

Quince C Rootstock - Dwarfing


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