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St Julian A

St Julian is semi-dwarfing reaching approximately 80% of Myrobalan H29C


St Julian is suitable for grafting Peaches, Nectarines, Apricots, Plums, Gages, Damsons, and Almonds.


St Julian will grow in a wide range of soils and will also tolerate moderate drought conditions.

The mature height will vary depending on the vigour of the scion variety grafted onto the rootstock, as well as soil fertility. St Julian is more dwarfing for peach and nectarine and less dwarfing for plums.


Suitable for fan, bush, half-standard, or espalier and staking is not required for mature trees, although staking is recommended in the first few years while the tree is establishing.

Prone to suckering


Mature tree height: 3 – 5 meters


Soil: St Julian will grow in a wide range of soils including heavy and wet soils, and will some tolerance of chalky soils.


Precocity: Medium


Support required: No



Grafting Grade - Ready to graft this Winter

Large Grafting Grade - Suitable for growing on and budding in Summer


Liner Grade is NOT available

St Julian A - Multi-prunus Rootstock Semi-dwarfing

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