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Malus spectabilis ‘Plena’


A beautiful small, deciduous tree with an upright vase shape.


Flowers are large, semi-double blooms with a two-toned colour effect. Petals are rosy pink on the outside and soft pink on the inside, and fade to white with age. Flowers are also mildly fragranced. Some small yellow fruit can be produced after flowering.


Glossy green leaves in Spring and Summer, turning yellow in Autumn.


Tree Size:


Dwarf: Can be kept to 1.5 m high, but must be supported with a stake


Semi-dwarf: 5 m tall x 3 m wide



Crabapples are small trees that are hardy once established. Grow in full sun to part shade. Will grow well on most soils, but prefers a deep, moist, loamy soil.


Pruning requirements are minimal. Prune in winter to achieve a good shape in the early years.



Spectabilis Plena


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