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Malus ‘Hillieri’


A beautiful deciduous tree, with an upright spreading crown and semi-weeping branches.


Blooms abundantly, with soft coloured flowers. Crimson buds open to a soft-pink, semi-double blossom in late-Spring. In late summer, small red/orange Crabapples are produced.


Leaves are dark green through Spring and Summer, turning golden in Autumn.



Tree Size:


Dwarf: can be kept to 1.5 meters high, but must be supported with a stake


Semi-dwarf: 6 meters tall x 4 meters wide


Crabapples are small trees that are hardy once established. Grow in full sun to part shade.

Will grow well on most soils, but prefers a deep, moist, loamy soil.


Pruning requirements are minimal.

Prune in winter to achieve a good shape in the early years.




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