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Granny Smith

Granny Smith
Fruit ripening time: April - May

Granny Smith

A crisp, hard apple with a sharp taste. Green skin and crisp white flesh. Well-known for remaining firm when cooked, making it an excellent apple for baking. Pick slightly under-ripe to get the best baking qualities, and pick ripe for the best eating qualities. Originating as a chance seedling in Australia.
Uses: Excellent for baking, the acid flavour is refreshing in salads, and when ripened fully on the tree are also good fresh eating. Excellent long keeping qualities, one of the best for home storage.
Pollinators: Akané, Braeburn, Cox’s Orange Pippin, Frequin Rouge, Fuji, Gala, Jonathan, Kingston Black, Pink Lady, white flowering Crabapples. Flowering Group 3 and self-fertile but fruit set may be improved with a pollinator.


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