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B9 'Budagovski 9'  Apple Rootstock   (Bundle of 10)

B9 is very dwarfing reaching 30% of seedling tree size


A dwarfing apple rootstock, that will produce a small tree with heavy crops and early yields (will bear fruit in 2 - 3 years). It will require support through staking or a trellis, and minimal pruning.


B9 is useful for high density plantings, and can be planted as close as 30 cm apart on a trellis for a ‘wall of fruit’.


To get the most out of your dwarf tree, reduce the weed competition around the base, mulch, and regularly apply fertiliser and water well during dry periods.


The red leaves make it easy to spot suckers and failed grafts. B9 can be used as an interstem.

Will produce burrknots.


Mature tree height: 1.8 – 3 meters


Soil: B9 prefers a heavier soil, and will not perform well in dry soils, will do well in light soils if irrigated properly


Precocity: Very early


Support required: Yes



No Liner Grade available - only Grafting Grade is available for this rootstock


B9 Apple Rootstock - Dwarfing


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