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Pyrus calleryana 'Cleveland Select'


Grown for its naturally attractive shape, wonderful spring floral display and its beautiful autumn colours, Clevland Select is ideal for avenue plantings, as small shade trees and as a feature tree.


In spring Cleveland Select is adorned with masses of single white flowers that cover the branches.

The leaves are a glossy, luscious dark green in spring through summer. In autumn the leaves will turn a vibrant orange and scarlet red.


Clevland Select is a medium sized deciduous tree that will form a pyramidal shape. The natural branching structure is symmetrical and neat, which gives this tree a manicured look without the need for pruning. The foliage is dense, creating a good shade tree.


Tree Size: 10 m high x 5 m wide


Position and Care:

Snow Pear trees will perform at their best when planted in full sun, to part shade.


These pears prefer well-drained, moist and fertile soils, but are very tolerant of a wide range of soil types and growing conditions. Once they are established, these trees are very hardy and reasonably drought tolerant, however they will benefit from deep watering during dry periods to grow and look their best.


Fertilise with a slow-release fertiliser in spring for the best results.

Cleveland Select

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