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Grating Tape - Embossed 50 m

Proudly made in Australia


This embossed grafting tape has excellent stretch and will hold grafts together tightly, ensuring good cambial contact and no movement. Easy to use and quick to tie, it is easier to handle than non-embossed tapes. 

50 meters is enough to tie approximately 150 grafts.


Once the graft has healed, this tape will need to be removed and can easily be untied, or quickly removed with the nick of a sharp knife.


The wider tapes (19 mm and 25 mm) are ideal for when the rootstock is considerably larger than the scion, such as when re-working an orchard.


The trick to achieving good results is to use warm tape - cold tape will not work nearly as well. For great results, you can pre-cut lengths of tape and place them in a container near the fire while you do your winter grafting indoors. Or if you are grafting outdoors, you can place pre-cut lengths in your pocket to be warmed by your body.

Grafting Tape - Embossed 50 m


    Deciduous Rootstock and Tree Specialists

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