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Fruit ripening time: February


An aromatic, juicy and sweet apple with a good flavour, reminiscent of the Cox’s Orange Pippin in flavour, due to its parentage. Laxton’s Fortune is a cross between the ever-popular Cox’s and a variety named Wealthy. And when picked from the tree at their peak, have a memorable sweet flavour.


The fruit ae medium in size. The skin is pale green to yellow with an attractive broken red stripe and red flush on the sunny side. Some russeting near the stem. The flesh is creamy white, firm, and crisp. An early apple with many attributes of a Cox’s Orange Pippin in flavour, but it is considered much easier to grow and ripens earlier in the season. Spur bearing.


Uses: Best for fresh eating. A useful addition to salads. Can be used for juice and stewed apple. A short storage life of approximately 2 weeks in the fridge.  



Pollination Partners:

Akané, Braeburn, Cornish Aromatic, Bonza, Fryberg, Fuji, Gala, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Jonathan, Red Delicious, Tydeman's Early Worcester, Worcester Pearmain, Yarlington Mill and white flowering Crabapples.


Flowering Group 3 and partially self-fertile, but pollination is greatly improved with a pollination partner.

Laxton's Fortune Scion


    Deciduous Rootstock and Tree Specialists

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