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MM102 ‘Malling Merton’ Apple Rootstock

MM102 is semi-dwarfing, reaching 45 - 60% of seedling tree size


MM102 is a semi-dwarfing apple rootstock producing a medium size tree, with average to good crop sizes. MM102 will bear fruit in 3 - 4 years.


MM102 has good anchorage, however support may be beneficial in high wind sites.


The mature tree height is influenced by the soil type. In sandy and poor soils, MM102 will produce a smaller tree (similar to M26, approximately 45% of seedling size). In fertile soils, the mature tree height will reach 60% of seedling size.


MM102 will perform better in slightly wetter soils and replant sites than MM106.


Can be spaced 1.25 meters apart (minimum) with a 4 meter row spacing.


Mature tree height: 2.5 - 4 meters


Soil: Tolerates to a wide range of soil types, and performs better on slightly wetter soils than MM106


Precocity: Medium


Support required: No


Disease information: Rootstock is resistant to woolly aphid. Moderately susceptible to collar rot. Occasionally will suffer from magnesium deficiency.


Available in two sizes:

Grafting Grade - ready to graft this winter

Liner Grade - to plant out and grow on for budding in summer, or grafting the following winter

MM102 Apple Rootstock Semi-dwarfing


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