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Please Note - Standard trees cannot be shipped and are only available for Local Pickup (Tasmania)


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Prunus ‘Mt Fuji’

Horizontal Flowering Cherry

P. serrulata ‘Shirotae’


One of the most beautiful of the white flowering Japanese cherries, with a dazzling display of large snow-white blossom. The ‘Mt Fuji’ is characterized by its strongly horizontal, spreading habit, which will develop into a large, flat-topped sunshade, which is perfect to sit under.


Flowers are borne in early Spring, before the leaves. The blooms are large, single to semi-double and fragrant, and hang in pendant clusters below the branches.

Mt Fuji is most spectacular as an isolated specimen, and is best appreciated when allowed the room to attain its ultimate form. Perfect in spaces where a determined height allows for an unobstructed view. It is also very effective in the forefront of a landscape with upright trees in the background, and also splendid when lining the banks of lakes or streams.


New growth is pale green, becoming dark green in Summer. Leaves are large, with finely serrate margins. Turning yellow to bronzy-red and orange in Autumn colours are golden yellow.


Available for local pick up only


Tree Size: 3 m above the graft x 5 - 8 m wide (at 20 years)

Available as a standard graft at either 1.5 m or 1.8 m in height.


Tree Care:  For best results plant in full sun in fertile, free draining soil, preferably a friable loam with good aeration.


If the soil is free draining, dig a hole twice the size of the root ball, plant the tree so the top of the root ball is level with the soil line and back fill with a soil and compost mixture. If the soil is not free draining, plant the tree in a raised mound of soil and compost mix, to prevent water logging.


Water in well at planting, and water regularly, especially in dry spells. Cherries are shallow rooted and young trees will benefit from being mulched. Apply mulch in a ring around the tree base, keeping clear of the trunk.

Mt Fuji - Standard


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