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Red D’Anjou


Fruit ripening time: March - April


A beautiful red pear with a creamy white flesh. A beautiful sweet flavour with a hint of citrus and a buttery and course texture. The flesh will give a little if pressed near the stem when ripe.


Heavy cropping.


Enjoy fresh or cooked, and stores well.


Pollination partner; William, Josephine, Beurre Bosc


Tree Size:

Dwarf Tree: 2 – 3 m high. Depending on pruning and the tree shape these pear trees can be kept as small as 2 m in height and planted as close as 50cm apart. Must be supported on trellis or a stake


Semi-Dwarf: 3.5 - 4.5 m high


Full Size: 10 m +



Soil: Will adapt well to most soils, but heavy, moist soils are preferred to light, shallow soils.

Dwarf and semi-dwarf trees will not tolerate drought.


Will do best in well drained soils. Established trees can withstand wet conditions, but will not tolerate watterlogging.


Prefer neutral to slightly acidic soils and do not like high pH soils

Red D’Anjou Tree

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