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D6 Pear Rootstock

D6 pear is a vigorous seeding rootstock, reaching 100% tree size


D6 Pear (Pyrus calleryana) is a vigorous seedling rootstock, producing a large tree which is naturally hardy and exceptionally long lived. Compatible with all European pear varieties (ie William Pear) and Asian Pear (ie Nashi). Suitable for low density systems. Due to their vigour, trees on D6 pear are slow to bear fruit, and may take 5-7 years.


Mature tree height: Seedling; will show variation in height, 20 meters or more in height.


Soil: Suitable for both heavy clay and light soils.


Precocity: Late


Support required: No


Size: Only Grafting Grade is available for this rootstock - No Liner Grade available

Seedling D6 Pear Rootstock – Vigorous

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