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Ripening time: mid – December to January


Vibrant red-coloured cherries with juicy, sweet flesh, with a hint of acid. A popular home garden variety, bearing consistent heavy crops.


An excellent pollinator for many other cherry varieties. Flowers mid-season.


Fruiting time is later than Van, and before Simone and Lapin


Pollination: Self-fertile. However, cropping performance is enhanced by cross pollination


Tree Size: 5 m high by 3 m wide at maturity


Tree Care:

For best results plant in full sun in fertile, free draining soil, preferably a friable loam with good aeration.


If the soil is free draining, dig a hole twice the size of the root ball, plant the tree so the top of the root ball is level with the soil line and back fill with a soil and compost mixture. If the soil is not free draining, plant the tree in a raised mound of soil and compost mix, to prevent water logging.


Water in well at planting, and water regularly, especially in dry spells.


Cherries are shallow rooted and young trees will benefit from being mulched. Apply mulch in a ring around the tree base, keeping clear of the trunk.

Stella Cherry Tree


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