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20th Century Pear - Nashi

Asian Pear (synonymous with Nijiseiki)


Fruit ripening time: February - March


Medium size round fruit with a golden yellow skin. A very juicy flesh with a crisp texture, and some grain. The flavour is very sweet, with a slight citrus-zing near the core.


Excellent for fresh eating, stores fairly well, makes an interesting dried fruit snack.


Pollination: Partially self-fertile, and benefits from a pollination partner such as; William, Beurre Bosc, Conference, Josephine, Packham’s, Clapp’s Favourite, Chojuro


Tree Size:


Full Size: 8 m


Soil: Will adapt well to most soils, but heavy, moist soils are preferred to light, shallow soils.

Dwarf and semi-dwarf trees will not tolerate drought.


Will do best in well drained soils. Established trees can withstand wet conditions, but will not tolerate watterlogging. Prefer neutral to slightly acidic soils and do not like high pH soils


20th Century Pear - Nashi Tree


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