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Air layering is an easy way to propagate. Aerial roots form on the branch of a parent plant, before being cut away and planted.


Many plants can be air layered, including magnolia, camelia, roses, azaleas, citrus and many indoor plants.


Simply make cuts in the bark, just below a bud. Peel away the bark to expose the cambium layer. 

Fill the capsule with moist coco peat/coir or sphagnum moss and clamp the capsule over the exposed cambium. Keep the peat/shagnum moist by watering weekly. 

Check for root growth after approximately 6 weeks. Once the roots have filled the capsule, you can cut below the roots and seperate your new plant from the parent.


The use of rooting hormone may be beneficial for some plants.


Available in two sizes:

Small - for stem diameter 6-8mm

Large - for stem diameters of 8-12mm


Air Layering Pods - 5 pack


    Deciduous Rootstock and Tree Specialists

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