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Fruit ripening time: March – April


An impressively large apple that is sweet, juicy, and mildly aromatic. A good all-rounder apple. Pleasant as an eating apple, a good cooking apple and also a good addition to blended ciders.


Belle Cacheuse apples are quite large, round, and somewhat flattened. The skin is green-yellow, washed with a dull red. The flesh is a pale yellow, quite firm and has a coarse grain.


A vigorous variety, Belle Cacheuse will produce large crops, but will tend towards biannual cropping, making fruit thinning an important task.


Uses: Fresh eating, a good cooking apple, cider and juice. Flavours will mature with storage. Stores well in the refrigerator for one month and longer. As Belle Cacheuse is a sweet apple, when it is used for cider production, it is best blended with sharp and bitter apple varieties.


Pollinators: Akané, Belle Cacheuse, Braeburn, Bonza, Cleopatra, Cornish Aromatic, Cox’s Orange Pippin, Cripps Pink, Democrat, Fuji, Freyberg, Gala, Geeveston Fanny, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Jonathan, Kingston Black, Lady in the Snow, Laxton’s Fortune, Prince Alfred, Red Delicious, Sturmer, Worcester Pearmain, Yarlington Mill, and white flowering Crabapples.


Flowering Group 3


Belle Cacheuse Scion


    Deciduous Rootstock and Tree Specialists

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