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Fruit ripening time: May


An apple with a superb flavour.


In a favourable season and when picked at their peak, Cornish Aromatic has a rich flavour, which is as the name suggests, is quite aromatic. Some will describe the flavour as spicy, with hints of pineapple and anise.  


The apples are medium in size and have a squat shape with five distinct crowns. The skin is yellow, flushed with a dull red and some russeting. The flesh is a creamy-white, quite firm, and not overly juicy.


An old English apple first described in 1813, but it is believed it has variety had been enjoyed for a long time prior to this.


Uses: Excellent fresh eating. Good for stewing. Stores very well.


Tree Size: 

Dwarf: Can be kept to 1.5 meters and grown in containers


Semi-dwarf: 3 - 5 meters tall, depending on shape 


Pollinators: Akané, Belle Cacheuse, Braeburn, Bonza, Cleopatra, Cornish Aromatic, Cox’s Orange Pippin, Cripps Pink, Democrat, Fuji, Freyberg, Gala, Geeveston Fanny, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Jonathan, Kingston Black, Lady in the Snow, Laxton’s Fortune, Prince Alfred, Red Delicious, Sturmer, Worcester Pearmain and white flowering Crabapples.


Flowering Group 2 - 3


Cornish Aromatic


    Deciduous Rootstock and Tree Specialists

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