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Betula pendula ‘dalecarlica’ Cut Leaf Birch


The deeply cut leaves of the dalecarlica give the tree a very delicate appearance. The tips of the branches hang softly creating a graceful tree with soft dappled shade.


The trunk is an ornamental white that sheds in paper thin strips.


Leaves are dark green in spring and summer, turning bright yellow in autumn.


An upright, deciduous tree with a broad pyramidal shape


Tree Size: 12 m high x 5 m wide


Position and Care:

The cut leaf birch will perform best when planted in full sun, to part shade.


Birches are best suited to cool temperate climates and will not grow well in hot and dry areas. As with all deciduous trees, birches require a cold winter.


Birches prefer well-drained, moist, fertile soils that are neutral to slightly acidic, but are tolerant of a wide range of growing conditions. Birches are hardy trees once they are established, however they will benefit from regular deep watering during dry periods.


This is a grafted tree. Please be careful not to bury the graft union when you plant this tree. Water in well once it is planted, and water regularly while the tree is establishing it roots. 


Cut Leaf Birch


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