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Viburnum bodnatense 'Dawn'


This viburnum puts on a fantastic floral display with showy clusters of pale, rosy-pink flowers that have a lovely fragrance. Flowers will emerge on bare stems in late-winter to early-spring in cooler climates, and in warmer areas will flower from autumn thorugh to spring.


A hardy, upright, deciduous shrub that is excellent in cottage style gardens, shrubberies, as an informal hedge and for borders.


Leaves emerge with a bronze tint in Spring, becoming dark green, and then burgundy red in Autumn.


1 year old plants are approximately 10 - 15 cm 

2 year old plants are approximately 15 - 30 cm 


Plant Size: 3 m high x 2 m wide 


Position and Care:

Viburnum bodnatense 'Dawn' will perform best when it is planted in full sun, in rich, well-draining soil in a cool temperate climate. However, it will tolerate average soils. 


Keep well watered when young, until the shrub is well established and apply mulch for the best results. Once established this shrub is moderately drought hardy. Frost tolerant.


Apply a slow-release fertiliser in early Spring.




    Deciduous Rootstock and Tree Specialists

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