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Cercis siliquastrum

commonly known as the Judas tree, Love Tree and Redbud.


A small deciduous, tree noted for its prolific display of deep pink flowers in early-Spring. Flowers are borne on bare branches, before the leaves appear. The flowers will completely cover the branches.


This flower shape is typical of the pea family (Fabaceae). Flowers are followed by long, flat, deep purple pods, which hang decoratively throughout the tree.  


Leaves are dark green in colour and characteristically heart shaped. Autumn colours are shades of yellow.


A vase shape when young, becoming more rounded with age.


Plant size: 6 m high x 4 m wide


Position and Care:

Prefers deep, well-drained, fertile and moist soils. Water regularly, especially in hot areas.

Position in full sun or partial shade. Choose a site with protection from strong winds, and in a hot climate, protect from the hot afternoon sun. 


Frost sensitive when young, but frost hardy once established.


Apply an annual slow-release fertiliser in Spring for the best results.


Stake your tree for the two years, until it is established.


As the Judas tree can suffer from transplant shock, we do not bare root this tree and it will be sent with its roots in potting mix.

Judas Tree


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