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Also known as Pomme de Neige or Fameuse


Fruit ripening time: March


Sweet with a subtly tart flavour and a soft strawberry like aroma, they are crisp and juicy.


The flesh is a delicate snow-white colour, which is sometimes flecked with pink.


Lady in the Snow is a small sized fruit, with green-yellow skin, striped with beautiful red and pink hues. A hardy and heavy bearing tree.


Uses: Excellent fresh eating. Also good for juice, sauces, and can be used in baking. Can be used to make a sweet cider. Best stored in the refrigerator


Tree Size: 

Dwarf: Can be kept to 1.5 m and grown in containers. Must be staked.


Semi-dwarf: 3 - 5 m tall, depending on shape 



Pollinators: Belle Cacheuse, Bulmer’s Norman, Cornish Aromatic, Cox’s Orange Pippin, Cripps Pink, Fuji, Gala, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Jonathan, Kingston Black,  Sundowner, Sweetman, White Transparent, early white flowering Crabapples especially Manchurian Crabapple.


Flowering Group 2

Lady in the Snow


    Deciduous Rootstock and Tree Specialists

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