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Pyrus ussuriensis Manchurian Pear


In very early spring the Manchurian Pear is covered in pretty, small white flowers that open from pale pink buds. It is one of the first ornamental pears to flower and it puts on a fantastic display.


The foliage is dense, creating good shade as the tree matures. The leaves are dark green in spring and summer. In autumn the Manchurian Pear will take on brilliant dark red tones. The leaves will hold onto the tree for longer in autumn than other varieties, creating a long-lasting display.


Small fruits will follow the spring flowers, and although these are edible, they have a mildly sour taste and are considered unpalatable for fresh eating.  


A medium sized tree, with pyramidal growth while the tree is young, attaining a broad rounded shape with age. Broader than the ‘Capital’ and ‘Clevland Select’ varieties. Considered one of the hardiest of all the pear varieties. The Manchurian pear is well suited to avenue plantings, for use as small shade trees as well as single specimen trees.


Tree Size: 8 - 10 m high x 7 m wide


Position and Care:

Manchurian pear trees will perform at their best when planted in full sun, to part shade.


These pears prefer well-drained, moist and fertile soils, but are very tolerant of a wide range of soil types and growing conditions. Once they are established, these trees are very hardy and reasonably drought tolerant, however they will benefit from deep watering during dry periods to grow and look their best.


Fertilise with a slow-release fertiliser in spring for the best results.

Manchurian Pear


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