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MM106 Apple Rootstock

MM106 is semi-dwarfing, reaching 70% of seedling tree size


A semi-dwarfing apple rootstock that produces a medium size tree with high yields. Trees on MM106 roots will start to bear fruit in 3 to 4 years. 

This rootstock is ideal for drier areas and will not tolerate waterlogged soils.


A widely used rootstock in commercial orchards, where trees are planted at densities of up to 250 trees per acre (1000 per Ha). This rootstock is the second most widely used in Australia.


Produces few suckers.


Mature tree height: 3 – 4.5 meters


Soil: Requires well-draining soils and will not tolerate wet conditions


Precocity: Early


Support required: No


Disease information: The rootstock is resistant to woolly aphid Susceptible to collar rot. Occasionally suffers from magnesium deficiency.


Available in two sizes:

Grafting Grade - ready to graft this winter

Liner Grade - to plant out and grow on for budding in summer, or grafting the following winter

MM106 Apple Rootstock Semi-dwarfing


    Deciduous Rootstock and Tree Specialists

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