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Moorpark Apricot


Fruit ripening time: January - February


A very popular home garden variety, and for good reason! Well known for its flavoursome, juicy, sweet fruit that is a good all-rounder, it really doesn’t have a rival.


Fruit are medium in size, and larger than many apricot varieties. The skin is a lovely ‘apricot’ colour that will blush with red in the sun. Apricot coloured flesh.


Trees are vigorous and will yield excellent crops once they reach fruit bearing age. Flowering occurs in early spring and trees will need protection from frost in frost-prone areas. Medium chill variety.


Uses: Excellent fresh eating. Great for preserves, baking into fine deserts, stewing, drying, making delicious jams and for juicing. Ripe fruit will store for up to 5 days in the refrigerator.


Pollination: Moorpark is Self-Fertile and will produce fruit without a pollination partner. However, crop yield is increased when a suitable pollinator is present such as; Trevatt or Brillianz


Tree Size: Approximately 3 - 5 m tall and 4 m wide, depending on the shape.


Tree Care:

For best results plant in full sun, in fertile, free draining soil, preferably a good friable loam.


Apricots may not perform at their best in poor, sandy, very heavy or shallow soils. If your soil has any of these conditions, prepare your site and improve your soil with compost before planting.


If the soil is free draining, dig a hole twice the size of the root ball, plant the tree so the top of the root ball is level with the soil line and back fill with a soil and compost mixture. If the soil is not free draining, plant the tree in a raised mound of soil and compost mix, to prevent water logging.


Water in well at planting, and water regularly, especially in dry spells. Young trees will benefit from being mulched. Apply mulch in a ring around the tree base, keeping clear of the trunk.

Moorpark Apricot

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