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Acer platanoides Norway Maple


A large, broad leaf tree with dense foliage that makes this a perfect shade tree.


The leaves are large and a glossy dark green through spring and summer, changing to a brilliant yellow in autumn. The shape of the leaves is similar to those of the Sugar Maple, with 5 pointed lobes. However, the Norway Maple has larger leaves, is more wind resistant and will tolerate hotter and drier climates than the Sugar Maple will.


Small,  yellow flowers appear in early spring, which are followed by winged seeds that fall in Autumn.  


A fast growing, large tree, that will attain a round shape with age.



Tree Size: 10 m high x 10 m wide


Position and Care:

The Norway Maple will perform best when planted in full sun, to part shade.


These maples prefer well-drained, moist, fertile soils that are neutral to slightly acidic, but are tolerant of a wide range of growing conditions.


These maples are hardy trees once they are established, however they will benefit from deep watering during dry periods.


Norway Maple

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