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Malus transitoria ‘Purple Rain’

Purple Cut Leaf Crabapple


A hardy, small, deciduous tree. Upright when young, and spreading with age.


Masses of dark pink flower buds cover the dark branches in early Spring, opening to magenta pink, lightly fragranced blooms. Small purple crabapples follow in late Spring.


Young foliage emerges bronze-purple, becoming dark green with age and taking on a distinctive cut leaf shape. Autumn colours range from yellow, orange to red.


 A vase shape when young, reaching a broad oval shape.



Tree Size:


Dwarf: Lollipop standard (1.2 m graft)

Tree can be kept to 2 m in total height.

Must be supported with a stake.



Grafted at 1.5 m or 1.8 m

Will reach a height of 3-4 m above the graft, and 3 m wide.



Crabapples are small trees that are hardy once established. Grow in full sun to part shade.

Will grow well on most soils, but prefers a deep, moist, loamy soil.

Pruning requirements are minimal. Prune in winter to achieve a good shape in the early years. Self-fertile.

Purple Rain - Standard


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