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Cornus Alba sibirica ‘Red Stem Dogwood’


A multi-stemmed, deciduous shrub, grown for its attractive dark red branches and twigs, which are a real feature in Winter when the garden is bare. The stem colour is at its best during the winter months. 


Also featurg delicate white flowers in Spring.


The leaves are a dark greenthrough spring and summer, turning red in Autumn.

A fast growing, medium sized shrub that is easy to care for.


1 year old plants are approximately 10 - 15 cm 

2 year old plants are approximately 15 - 30 cm 


Plant Size: 2 m high x 2 m wide 


Position and Care:

The Red Stem Dogwood will perform best when it is planted in full sun, in rich, well-drained soil.


Keep moist when young, until the shrub uis established, then it will be reasonably drought hardy. Frost tolerant.


Apply a slow-release fertiliser in early Spring, and mulch when young for the best results.


Red Stem Dogwood


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