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Quercus Alba ‘White Oak’

A grand deciduous tree with strong upright branches that eventually form a round canopy.


An excellent shade tree or lawn specimen in large landscapes.


A fast-growing oak and a very long-lived, large tree.


Tree Size: 15 -25 m high x 15 - 25 m wide (in 25 years)


Position and Care: 


Oak trees will grow best when planted full sun, in rich, well-drained soil, but they will tolerate partial shade.


These trees are drought tolerant once they are established but prefer consistent watering to grow at their best.


Pruning is not required. However, if a standard style tree is preferred, remove the lower branches each Winter. Remove any dead or crossing branches to open up the canopy.


Apply a slow-release fertiliser in early Spring and mulch when young for the best results.

White Oak


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